2017 H2 Maths Prelim Topical Compilation (soft copy)


  • 2017 H2 Mathematics Prelim Topical Compilation
  • A Level H2 Math 9758 (new syllabus)
  • 423 questions from 2017 prelim papers
  • All questions grouped into different key topics
  • Full solution provided
  • Good for drill practice to sharpen your skills in all kinds of questions for different topics before doing the newest 2018 full prelim papers
  • Suitable for JC1, JC2 and A Level students

Product Description

2017 Prelim Topical topics:

APGP (20 questions)
Binomial Distribution (17 questions)
Complex Numbers (29 questions)
Correlation & Regression (20 questions)
Differential Equations (21 questions)
Differentiation & App (35 questions)
DRV (18 questions)
Equations ans Inequalities (19 questions)
Functions (23 questions)
Graph & Transformation (27 questions)
Hypothesis Testing (20 questions)
Integration App (25 questions)
Integration Techniques (13 questions)
Maclaurin & Binomial Series (24 questions)
Normal Distribution (20 questions)
P&C and Probability (27 questions)
Sigma & MOD (20 questions)
Vectors (45 questions)

  • Full package 423 questions
  • Total 793 pages
  • Immediate access after payment
  • Soft copy is downloadable in PDF format


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