2016 – 2017 RJC H2 Economics Lecture Notes (JC1 & JC2) (soft copy)


  • 2016 to 2017 RI H2 Economics Lecture Notes
  • A Level subject code 9757 (new syllabus)
  • 2 years syllabus (2016 J1 & 2017 J2)
  • Suitable for JC1, JC2 and A Level students

Product Description

  • Topics:
    Scarcity,Choice and Opportunity Cost
    Price Mechanism and its Applications I
    Price Mechanism and its Applications II
    Firms and Decisions I
    Firms and Decisions II
    Market Failure
    Market Failure and Government Intervention
    Key Economic Indicators
    Income and Employment Determination
    Macroeconomic Aims and Issues
    International Trade
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