2017 Clementi Secondary 3 Pure Physics Notes (soft copy)


  • 2017 Clementi Sec 3 Pure Physics Notes
  • O Level Pure Physics subject code 5059

Product Description

  • Full Sec 3 Pure Physics syllabus
  • Suitable for Sec 3, Sec 4 and O Level students
  • Compiled by Clementi Secondary School
  • Total 257 pages
  • Topics1. Physical Quantities, Units and Measurement
    2. Kinematics
    3. Dynamics
    4. Mass, Weight and Density
    5. Turning Effect of Forces
    6. Pressure
    7. Energy, Work and Power
    8. Kinetic Model of Matter
    9. Transfer of Thermal Energy
    10. Temperature
    11. Thermal Properties of Matter
    12. General Wave Properties
    13. Light
    14. Electromagnetic Spectrum
    15. SoundNumerical Answers to Assignments
    A. Revision Tips
    B. Examination Techniques
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