2014 HCI A Level H2 Biology Lecture Notes and Tutorials (soft copy)


  • 2014 HCI H2 Biology Lecture Notes and Tutorials
  • Consisting of 11 booklets:
    – JC1 B1- Organelles Biomolecules
    – JC1 B2- Enzymes Membrance Transport
    – JC1 B3- DNA Genomics
    – JC1 B4- Organisation and a Control of Eukaryotics Genome
    – JC1 B5- Genetics of Viruses and Bacteria
    – JC1 B6- Isolating, Cloning and Sequencing DNA
    – JC2 B1- Genetics of Variation
    – JC2 B2- Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
    – JC2 B3- Diversity and Evolution
    – JC2 B4- Cell Signalling and Nervous System
    – JC2 B5- Molecular & Cell Biology
  • Inclusive of mindmap or concept map
  • Tutorials are filled with handwritten answers
  • 2 years syllabus for JC1 2013 & JC2 2014
  • Suitable for J1, J2 and A Level students

Product Description

  • Compiled by Hwa Chong Institution ((HCI)
  • Refer to 2nd-4th pics for sample pages
  • Total 1063 pages

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